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Spring time, the heir apparent of seasons has finally begun to creep it's way into being. All around the dull winter had begun to fade, and life slowly began to creep back in to our black and white world. It could not be said though that looks were the only thing changing, spring time could be felt in it's return. Life was more crisp and fresh, the people around moved with a more jolly step to them. Festivals sang out their praises to the changing seasons in the night sky, and all was becoming well. 
It is in this time of changing, that a letter arrives to all of those interested. A letter of invitation. It reads as follows. 
"This letter extends the gift of hospitality to it's holder, who shall sign their name upon having finished it in the marked space below. This hospitality is offered from and within the confines of Bifrost keep, to be found in that coldest of regions in Northern Europa. In a place which this letter will show your mind's eye upon the signing of your name below. 
It is with great joy that the Secret of the Ausgard Jotunheim Kindred, known by many as the Jotunn tribe. Invites the holder of this letter to our annual Walpurgisnacht, or Beltane celebration. 
This is a festival of peace and love between folk. All those transgressions between parties attending that have happened outside of the event, are to be overlooked or pushed aside until the festival is fully concluded. By attending this event, the holder of this document agrees to the old laws of hospitality, the violation of which our Secret considers one of the most severe crimes. 
So come, be merry with us on this night of night and day of days. Remember your ancestors fondly with us, speak their stories, drink and be in warm company and spirits in our hearth! 
-Lord Ymir of Bifrost"  
After having read this note in full, and having signed their name on the bottom. The holder recalled exactly where it was they needed to go to attend this event, and how best to travel in order to arrive on time, as if they had always known.
Everything had been prepared in the halls of Bifrost. Grand tables for the seating of hundreds had been created from the finest and most massive felled trees. Grand feasts were being roasted and prepared at the very moment, And already plenty of food and drink was available for those who had arrived. Beautiful Asgardian women and men made their way around the tables, some prepared to serve the guests and others there to enjoy the festivals themselves, though of course even those who were serving would have their time of merry making. Large stout Jotunn workers moved into place beautiful decorations around the halls. Statues of great battles made of permanent ice, busts of great Asgardian heroes and designs of a distinctly Asgardian nature were all put into place. All was perfectly in order for the coming events. 
The old and wise leader, first of the Jotun and one of the former kings of Jotunheim, Ymir stood at the center of it all. Watching everything fall into place perfectly with the voluptuous Freyja at his side, dressed in the finest of fur coats and wear in contrast to her husband's more reserved and decorated warrior garb. He spoke in a jolly tone, almost uncharacteristic for the eight foot tall mountain of an ice blue colored jotun. Stroking his aged white beard softly in one hand, as if pondering. "Do you think it is enough my dear? Shall this really be a feast of feasts? We have hosted one of magnitude every year at this time, I worry it has become...Without the glory it once held."
The queen Freyja smiled and reached upward to rub her husband's shoulder with affection. Before pushing away over toward a mead table, in order to collect herself a glass of one of their fine honeyed alcoholic brews "Tis without a doubt a fine feast and event to come my king. With both our hard work, and our new benefactor having graciously provided the many gifts of affection and prestige they did... This will without a doubt be a celebration that stands firmly among the greatest memories of all who attend."
The king nodded and looked out at the hall. Everything was in place, a team of their finest hunters and woodsman were out at this very moment in search of the perfect tree from which the may pole would be carved. This would trully be a celebration worthy of memory.
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The call of Light

A stranger approaches the camp of the Children in the dead of night... (Plea of the Lucen)
It is much too dark for the stranger to see a thing, but the barn owl beside her guides her silently through the shadows of the forest. Pine needles crunch quietly underfoot, some dried and old as twigs while others are soft and fresh. Her fingers clutch the leather-wrapped hilt of a bone dagger, the pale edge gleaming slightly in the night with black blood.
She remembered it sharply, down to the finest detail; her arrival in this world and his, the sudden anger and fear that they both felt, the blind slash of her blade. The dagger had caught flesh, torn skin, but his own attack had missed. They had parted quickly, him taking the direction she had originally intended. It had been months now, and she could only hope that he succumbed to his wounds before he reached his destination.
She saw the fires before she heard the drums. Three bonfires, set in a triangle in the center of a clearing, and figures dancing and twisting around them to the primal beating of leather drums. It was, in some ways, like her own home; but this place was warmer, and this forest more ominous.
As she stepped hesitantly into the clearing, the rythm of the drums petered out; guests were a usual occurence but she was the first to be so very different. Her attire, her appearance, and even her scent had a strange otherworldliness about it.
When she stood by the outcropping above the clearing, she was framed by the light of selene; even through the mesh of pine needles, it was impossible to miss the alarming sight before the gathered Children.
There were cracks in the moon.
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Problems with the internet.

So, there's /another/ issue with the internet. Large internet providers in the U.S are trying to get the government to pass laws which would essentially allow them to slow to a crawl those particular sites which did not pay a prime amount of money to the companies which provide internet access to Americans. Now, not only is this a problem for those of us (This humble admin included) who access the internet from the United States. But it's a problem for our entire international community. 
You see, these sorts of events cause ripples. This isn't going to be an isolated incident if it passes here. American corporations are not anything if not operating internationally. C.E.Os shake hands across lakes and oceans alike. And once they win this battle here, you can expect your local overl---*Communist admin cough* local C.E.Os and companies to push for legislation in your home nations, so long as money buys votes and a louder voices, this problem will never end. 
So please, friends and comrades of our wiki. Sign up to make your voice heard using the above large thing^ it doesn't matter where you're from, you can use your voice to help the people's struggle for an open free internet to exchange ideas without borders. The only people who benefit from these laws being passed are a handful of companies, and the people who lose are average internet users like you and I. 
So please, serve the people and oppose the end of net neutrality. Spread the word where you can and sign up. Thank you! 

P.S here's a song for you. 04:42 Immortal Technique - Rich Man's World (1%)
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Lunar Fluctuations and News

Right! As you can all see, thanks to the wonderful work of the community development team member JoePlay, we now have a lunar calendar widget on the home page! it's been a while, sorry, my schedule's a bit hectic. However, there was a purpose for this and we're implementing it now.
The goal is that the widget will serve to show a sort of balance between light and dark due to the turn of the lunar cycle. The concept is pretty simple, therefore, and will affect the powers of characters using Light or Dark:
During the New Moon or when the moon is below 50% full, Dark powers have the advantage over Light. Demons are more powerful than angels during this time, shadow magic is more effective than light magic, etc. This increases as the percentage of full moon lowers, so this effect is strongest at the New Moon or 0% full.
During the Full Moon or when the moon is above 50% full, Light powers have the advantage over Dark. Angels are stronger than demons, healing is more effective, etc. This increases as the percentage of full moon increases, so it is highest at the Full Moon.
I'll make a page with full examples for this rule as soon as you've all had a chance to ask questions or make points! Please remember to try your luck in the Story Challenge, too, as it will be closing soon and may win you a Seal (although you'd have to best the stories already written by Shadow first -good luck!)
On other news we'll be wrapping up the remaining parts of The Labyrinth event soon (although this probably won't involve a full blown chat event) and returning to normal plot RP, with a slow-building story arc to account for the fact that a lot of the admin team have reduced availability at the moment. Once the Mad King's Labyrinth is closed the labyrinth zone will be inaccesible for people qho do not possess a weapon made of Ferrite.
Oh, and, if you have any opinions on the color scheme and new look you'd like us to know, don't hesitate to comment this thread with them! That goes for any question you need an answer to, as well.
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