Few elements can boast the elegance of wind manipulation

Air is the primal element of inspiration, light-heartedness, and creativity. Unpredictable and ever-changing, Air appeals to mages with temperamental personalities and creative minds. One second a soft summer breeze and the next a raging storm, Air is not to be underestimated.

Further SpecializationsEdit

Air is one of the Pure elements, the roots of all primal magic, but combining it with other elements can create further and varied specializations. The possible specializations are infinite, but these are some of the more common examples.

  • Sand: A combination of Earth, and Air creates Sand, which can be manipulated into swirls and storms of sand grains.
  • Heat: When combined with Fire, it becomes Sheer Flame, or Heat, the ability to produce and manipulate invisible blasts of searing heat.
  • Cold: Air and Water combine into Ice, the ability to create crystalline shards of ice and blasts of snow.
  • Lightning: Light combines with Air to make Lightning, the electrical energy of the heavens. Affectionately dubbed "crackle mages", manipulators of lightning can shoot blasts of golden electricity from their body.
  • Plague: Combined with Air, Dark becomes Plague, the ability to create and manipulate deadly diseases and toxins through the air.
  • Warping: Combined with Aster, Air becomes Warping, the ability to rend gaps in the stream of reality. Amongst other things, this allows the user to create a series of portals that connect to each other through the void between realities.

Secondary SpecializationsEdit

There are other, rarer recombinations of the element of Air that are mastered by fewer sorcerers, requiring additional practice.

  • Crystal: Recombined with Earth, it becomes Crystal, the ability to manipulate shimmering shards of quartz or other crystalline materials with a touch.
  • Cloud: Recombined with Water, it becomes Cloud, the ability to levitate and fly as well as manipulate misty blasts of nimbus cloud.
  • Smoke: Recombined with Fire, it becomes Smoke, the ability to manipulate and produce heavy clouds of billowing ash and cinders as well as wafts of smoke.
  • Madness: Recombined with Dark, it becomes the extremely unpredictable element of Madness. Sorcerers using Madness as an element have no control over which elemental combination they cast, although they have the potential to cast any and every element (use of dice is reccomended).
  • Virtue: Recombined with Light, it becomes Virtue, the ability to affect the soul of others and influence them with the Seven Cardinal Virtues; Temperance, Chastity, Charity, Patience, Humility, Diligence or Kindness.

Elementals, Deity, and RealmEdit

The elementals of Air are the Djinn, and the deity of the skies is Oriel. The realm of air is Celestine.