Imperius archangel of valor by tamplierpainter-d654byy

Apollion's gaze blinds the unworthy

"I am the glare of the heavens. I am the strength of the sun. I am the hope of the beacon, the gleam of the stars, the force of Judgement. I am Light."Edit

God of LightEdit

Apollion is the Deity of Light. The God of the Heavens and the lord of the Angels, he is a blinding force to be reckoned with. Apollion is one of the most involved in mortal affairs, but most of his time is taken up not fighting the Others but the Demons, in an age-old conflict with Mephisto.

Apollion has the power to blind his enemies with a single glance, and burn them to ashes with a touch of his fingers. Incandescent light ripples through the gaps in his armor, and his very presence is crushing to most beings.

The Great GameEdit

Apollion and Mephisto, the deities of Heaven and Hades, have been warring for eternity in a conflict known as the Great Game. The goal of this conflict is to gain influence over human morality and sway the minds and souls of the human race to the values of light or those of darkness. Never-ending and vicious, this battle takes up most of their time and efforts, leaving very little of either to fight the Abyss.