The true forms of Raphael, Uriel, and Remiel.

The seven Archangels are the recombined elementals of Virtue , formed from the fusion of Light and Air. Unique in that there are only seven of them, they are the highest ranking among the servants of Apollion and the leaders of the Angels. Each one represents one of the seven cardinal virtues and counteracts one of the seven deadly sins controlled by the Archdevils.


Lord of Patience, Raphael takes the form of a lilac Angel, wearing the featureless mask of the Archangels. His weapon is a staff that glows with radiant light, known as Lucitheo.


Lady of Charity, she is the most radiant of the Archangels. Her true form bears golden wings and the mask of the Archangels, her eyes blazing with a soft golden flame. Her weapon is a scythe which she rarely uses, known as Tactitheo.


Lady of Temperance, Remiel is an ascete, taking a simple form of black rather than the burning gold of her fellow kind. Her eyes blaze through her mask and her wings are coated in golden feathers, similar to the sheen of her large and complex shield, known as Koletheo.


Lady of Chastity, Gabriel is a distant figure with alabaster wings and armor. Of all the Archangels, her mask alone possesses no eyeslits, preventing her from being tempted by beauty. Her weapon is a morgenstern known as Angetheo.


Lord of Humility, Michael is the only Archangel whose true form does not possess wings. His armor is simple and unornate, and his mask is carved from white clay rather than the Seraphite of his fellow kind. His weapon is a bow known as Philetheo.


Lady of Kindess, Anael is a crimson Archangel with two pairs of soft, peach-colored wings. Her mask is the only one to possess the features of a mouth, which is carved into a smile. Her weapon is a longsword known as Iretheo, which she swings with deadly efficiency only when absolutely necessary.


The Lady of Diligence, Ceciel is an azure-colored Archangel with milky white wings. Her armor is simple yet ornate, engraved with blossoming curls of flame that waft over the silver surface. Her weapons are two long-bladed daggers known as the Akrotheo pair.