The true forms of Asmodeus and Mammon.

The seven Archdevils are the recombined elementals of Vice, formed from Fire and Dark. Unique in that there are only seven of them in existence, each embodying one of the Deadly Sins, they are the highest ranking servants of Mephisto and preside over the Demons. Their lair, composed of nine concentric circles in the deepest pit of Hades, echoes with the souls of those that they have corrupted over time. They are the sworn enemies and opponents of the seven Archangels.


Lord of Wrath, Asmodeus's true form resembles a large, imposing demon with leathery wings similar to those of a red Dragon.


Lord of Avarice, Mammon's true form is a hunched, skeletal being with long, spidery fingers ending in sharp claws and a tail reminiscient of a scorpion's sting.


Lord of Gluttony, Baelzebuth's true form is a monstrous, anthropomorphic fly, coated in the rotted remains of a thousand different foods. Maggots and vermin fall from his body, swarming around him at all times.


Lady of Lust, Phelies's true form is an attractive woman with oiled skin and scarlet eyes, coated in delicate silks. Her monstrous heritage is betrayed by her ribs, which pierce her skin, ending in sharp barbs over her chest.


Lord of Pride, Lucifer is a deceptively handsome man clad in golden armor that glints in the sun, his wings as pure and white as those of any Angel. His arrogance is legendary, matched only by his horrific strength, and he is considered the most adept manipulator of Hellfire in existence.


Lord of Envy, Dispater is a manipulative, scaly devil with emerald green skin and eyes that glint like yellow embers. His tongue is forked like that of a snake, and his intelligence and manipulative skills are legend.


Lord of Sloth, Belphegor is a towering monstrosity, pale in color, his small skull barely visible above the rippling cascade of fat that hides his body. He has many tiny arms, humanoid, but none are long enough to move him. His servants do everything from feed to clean him, and it is said he has never really been awake once in his immortal life.