Archons are angelic in appearance, though their armor is empty of anything but light.

Archons are the recombined elementals of Shielding, born from the combination of Earth and Light. Stoic creatures made from purest light and clothed in Seraphite armor, they are sometimes considered the Golems of Heaven. Basic beings with little or no autonomy, they exist with only one purpose: protect.

They fulfill this role with zeal. Their chief ability is the manipulation of Hardlight, a golden energy that appears as a translucent, luminescent substance that is as hard as marble once cast. Often used to create spherical shields or protective bubbles, it can also be cast as a flat sheet of power or even manipulated into basic tools, such as a weapon or a pair of handcuffs.

It is common practice in some places to actually incorporate living Archons into a building, either by melting their armor into the surface or building it on top of or around them. In these cases the Archon is able to protect the designated place theoretically forever. A building guarded by an encrusted Archon is commonly known as a Sanctuary.