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Areans formidable warriors and strategists.

Areans are a type of Planetar formed from shards of the planet Mars infused with energy from the Nexus. The embodiment of strength, they are surprisingly capable military strategists as well as intimidatingly strong, most of them possessing enough strength to pulverize marble with a few blows of their fists.

They forge their own weapons of a material known as Darkglass, formed from the solidified darkness of space. Though the material has lost the void-like abilities it once possessed, it has become remarkably strong; blades of darkglass stay sharp without needing a whetstone, and a strike from a darkglass hammer could crush diamond. 

The unique ability of the Areans comes from a combination of Earth and Fire and manifests only in the form of their considerable strength. They cannot use blasts of elemental energy like many of the Planetars, but their nigh invulnerability to most forms of abyssal energy and the formidable strength of their attacks is often enough to compensate.

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