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Aster is the element which forms the basis of Cosmology.

Aster is an element of Magic that has only very recently been discovered by the Secrets. Known before then only to the Astrals, the Chronals, and the Lethan, it is the famed Seventh Element of magic, though not part of the six standard elements which form El.

Aster is an intangible force, and rarely seen. On Earth, when it does appear, it is usually under the form of small flecks of crystallized starlight. Though it is technically an element of Magic, it cannot be manipulated alone. It has been theorized that Aster itself, without any other type of magic, cannot truly exist. However, when this volatile element is combined with any of the others, it changes the very nature of how they function. The powers it unlocks in conjunction with the six classic elements seem to echo the very fundamental forces of the universe.

Unfortunately, as Aster is a relatively new addition to the knowledge of the Sorcerers, its potential is still dangerously unknown. Those who have developed the ability to control an Aster-tainted element have been known to gravely harm themselves and others through loss of control.

Elemental CombinationsEdit

Fire: Combined with Fire, Aster becomes Radiation, the ability to emit large amounts of volatile radiation. This power is as dangerous as it is uncontrollable; many a Secret has been faced with high casualties due to a Sorcerer bestowed with this gift losing control.

Water: Combined with Water, Aster becomes Time, the ability to manipulate the temporal stream directly. The physical and mental costs of this are huge on the caster, but they seem to allow the sorcerer to stop, slow down, or speed up time without affecting themselves.

Earth: Combined with Earth, Aster becomes Gravity, the ability to control gravitational fields, especially that of the Earth. While their influence covers a limited amount of ground, it has many applications, and can strengthen, weaken, or even cancel the effects of gravity for short amounts of time.

Air: Combined with Air, Aster becomes Warping, the ability to rend gaps in the stream of reality. Amongst other things, this allows the user to create a series of portals that connect to each other through the void between realities.

Light: Combined with Light, Aster becomes Invocation, the ability to summon minor astral entities, fragments of the Constellations with a shard of their power and sentience. The Constellations lend their minor servants to Sorcerers who have chosen this path at the cost of their lifespan.

Dark: Combined with Dark, Aster becomes Void, the ability to pierce through the constraints of reality and expose rifts torn into the very essence of the Abyss, releasing Others. This power is both incredibly volatile and forbidden, and any use of it by those adhering to the Babylon Pact is met with immediate and unavoidable death.

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