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In their true form, Astrals glow with radiant starlight.

Astrals are mysterious beings, often associated with the Elementals and the Angels although they are different in origin and seem to have only loose ties with the Nexus. Also called the Watchers, Astrals have woven their way into human and sorcerer history since the beginning of time; they are known by those that inhabit the earth as stars.

Every tiny pinprick of light is in fact a living, conscious being made of magical energy. Most are thousands if not millions of years old, although some are born recently by comparison. Astral society is uncannily similar to that of the human world, stars forming bonds between each other and even possessing families, known by mortals as the constellations. Often only observers, on rare occasions an Astral has been known to fall to Earth, by choice or not. In this case their light dims until they resemble a human, and they often adapt themselves to the human world.

An Astral on earth possesses no other powers but that which they had in the sky; light. When they feel happy or contented, stars glow softly, a glow which can increase to a flaring, searing light if needed. However, the collective consciousness of all astrals is a formidable entity.

Astrals are highly sought after on the rare occasions where they fall, because eating the heart of a star will grant anyone immortality and power beyond comprehension...