Athames are highly sought after.

An Athame is a tool of White Occultism that requires a complex ritual for its creation. Made of a combination of iron and silver, Athames work in a similar way to Talismans in that they are created through alignments and connections to aspects of the stars, the world, and the elements and threads of Magic

An Athame is sought after as a purifying tool that can be used to counteract the effects of black occultism. A reanimated cadaver raised by the Immortui ritual can be killed by being stabbed through the heart with an Athame, and it is also capable of destroying a Dagyda if it slices through it. Athames are also particularly effective weapons against sorcerers and others alike for their cancellation powers, that slowly weaken anyone that has been cut by the blade until they can purge the effects of the occult energy from their organism. 

During a Blood Moon, Athames glow like newly forged iron, and they become capable of slicing through almost any material.