The dryads of the Black Forest are ferocious protectors.

Black Forest Dryads are a variation of the common dryads that are specifically created by proximity with the Children of Morrigan. The Dark magic of the Morrigan seeps through the land and earth, turning the Dryads already present in the area into warped and twisted beings. Although the black forest dryads are native to the home of the Children, they often join the Secret and work on it's outskirts as terrifying and ferocious protectors.

Barren and leafless, these beings are still capable of manifesting the life-giving powers they once controlled, but are plagued after their transformation with acute paranoia and an overwhelming drive to protect their forests, to the point where they would destroy many beings that they once considered allies at a moments notice. As fickle as many of the Fae, the polite mischief of usual faekind in these beings has been replaced with a sadistic penchant for violence; challenging a black forest dryad is often a fast and efficient way to die.