Reversed, the Pentagram symbolizes black occultism and power from within.

Black Occultism (also known as Black Magic for those who are unaware of the existence of true Magic) is the variant of Occultism most commonly associated with Dark power and the manipulation of others. Its main traits are often the pursuit of more power, the development of ones own goals above others, and harming those that challenge or bother the spellcaster. Black magic rituals often use components of living beings such as hair, blood, or a heart and rely on glamours, curses, hexes and invocations.

Black occultists are often ambitious in the pursuit of their own freedom and power. Although they are not necessarily evil, they are often neutral at best and pursue their own goals despite alignments or promises to others. It should be noted that black magic can actually be used in the benefit of another person; a glamour can be used to make someone more eloquent and confident just as easily as it can sink them into depths of paranoia and pain.

Black occultists generally do not rely on faith in external entities to draw their power, but they can invoke demons to serve them (an art known as Goetia, as opposed to the White Occultist Theurgia) and some may worship Baphomet (a variation of The Beast) as the personification of black occult power.