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The Morrigan is a legendary sorceress, the child of a Lamia and a Sidhe.

The Children of Morrigan is a Secret that revolves mostly around a central figure, the age-old sorceress known as The Morrigan. Dedicated to the study of dark magic, the Children are a mysterious and sometimes sinister organization. They adorn themselves with war paint and crow feathers, and trace their roots back to the gaelic peoples of Ireland. The sanctum of the Children is the heart of the Black Forest, where they live in houses carved from dead trees.

The Children are the Secret that possess the most inhuman members. Although they fight against the others, their connection to the Nexus is a loose one, and often members of the Children are tainted by, or used to be, Others themselves.

The Children will welcome anyone who is refused by the other Secrets, but their society is conflict-ridden and warlike, even primal. They respect and follow only strength and their Mother, the Morrigan, watches over them with gleaming scarlet eyes. The Morrigan herself is inhuman, the unlikely child of a Lamia and a Sidhe, and her sinister powers are still mostly unknown.


-The Morrigan is a sorceress of immense power and little patience, quick to anger or to punish. She is prideful, arrogant, and domineering, difficult to negotiate with or reason. Her Children worship her as the central figure of their Secret. She can be loosely considered the lorekeeper of her triad.

-Balor is her second-in command. His hulking figure and glowing green eye suggest that, although not entirely inhuman, he has Fomorian blood in him. A master craftsman despite his ugliness, he is the alchemist of his triad.

-Oberon is the rhymer of the Children, a wild and oft bare-chested man with handsome features and a wild glint in his green eyes. He is a fae, although he does not possess wings. Legend says they were torn off in a battle with a lucareth.


"A fyddwn Byddwch y diwethaf!"

-We will be the last!

Elites Edit

The elites of the Children are the Wild Hunt.