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Chronals are made from living clockwork, the gears ticking away inside them to a time before time existed.

The Chronal are the cosmic beings that are akin to the force of time. In a similar way to the Elementals, they embody the passage of time through brassy clockwork and flowing currents of golden sand. Chronal beings are strict, emtionless, and obsessed with the order and function of time. They take no part in the war between the Abyss and the Nexus, other than ensuring that neither side uses time or manipulation of time as a weapon.

According to myth and legend, Time was once an elemental combination like any other, but the manipulation of it by the sorcerers lead to such chaos that the Deities built a race of living timekeepers; the Chronals.

Chronals are able to travel through, pause, and slow down the flow of time around them using their staves, known as the Hands of Time. In fact, Chronals are so in tune with the essence of timeflow that they are unable to control it, and often flicker in and out of time, reappearing several seconds, minutes or hours away from where they originally were. Like the Astrals, they rarely intervene with the mortal world, remaining distant watchers from their tower-like citadel located at the End of Days.