Hall of mirrors1

The Hall of Mirrors is the sanctum of the Court.

The Court of Versailles is an ancient Secret, formed originally by the french Roi-Soleil. Dedicated to the study of the magic of Light, the Court of Versailles was once the most politically influential of the Secrets. In its golden age, mainly around the late Victorian era, the Court was the most powerful and influential of the Secrets, both financially and politically. Blue-blooded sorcerers with a taste for opulence and wealth infiltrated the nobility of many kingdoms and states, influencing their decisions in the name of Versailles.

However, this reign of success ended violently with the betrayal of one of the Triad, the man who later became the defiled. In a massacre of gruesome proportions, most of the Court was decimated, leaving the Hall of Mirrors stained with blood and ash.

In a final attempt to destroy the invading force, the rhymer Ayden channeled the entire Nexus through his body, becoming for several seconds the avatar of El. In the wake of the destruction, the Court of Versailles is the weakest of the remaining Secrets, although it is currently rebuilding.


The current Triad is composed of:

-Draeven Emberheart, the Lorekeeper and one of the only survivors of the decimated Court. Born in England in the victorian nobility, he joined the Court while visiting the capital of France, Paris. 

-Corven Falaar, the Rhymer, a past apprentice of the previous rhymer, struggling to cope with his new responsibilities. He is also the only living descendant of the french monarchs, namely the Roi-soleil, and his family has been part of the Court for generations. (Corven was killed during the first night of a Blood Moon in the early twenty-first century)

- No alchemist has been appointed so far, which is a dangerous situation for the Court.


"Nous sommes la Lumière dans la Pénombre"

-We are the light in the darkness.

Elite Sorcerers

The elite sorcerers of Versailles are the Chevaliers.