Vasilisa, the Crimson Coven's Alchemist, and head of the Triad.

The Crimson Coven is a Secret located in the Czech Republic, with their main headquarters located somewhere in Prague. Sorcerers trained in the art of blood magic, they are masterful healers as well as proficient in bladed combat. The Coven has, until recently, remained extremely secretive, to the point that some doubted they actually exist. However, several years ago the Triad stepped forward into the public eye, and while the exact reason for this is unknown, they made it clear they were very unhappy with the Temple of Bastet. Since then, they have kept mostly to themselves, though several people have visited the Secret, and have given insight as to the way they work.

The Secret is divided into three classes, each lead by a member of the Triad. The first class is comprised of the healers, who use blood magic to treat injuries with unnatural skill. While the exact nature of their healing arts is unknown, it is speculated that by manipulating the blood of those they treat, they accelerate the body's natural healing process.

The second class is comprised of scholars and various other historians who work to understand not only this world, but the world of the Others as well. Their library, while by no means the largest a Secret has ever assembled, is still an impressive sight. Along with books, the library also houses the Secret's collection of artifacts.

Finally, the third class consists of the Secret's warriors, who use their blood magic for offensive purposes in conjunction with traditional bladed combat, as well as other, unconventional ways of fighting. They are taught to fight fairly until the enemy stops doing so, in which case, they may deal with the threat however they see fit. This combination of classic and modern fighting techniques gives them a leg up on the battlefield.


Vasilisa: A woman renowned for her beauty as well as her fighting prowess, Vasilisa is the Alchemist and head of the Triad. She oversees the entirety of the warrior class, and has demonstrated, on multiple occasions, why she was given that role. Since the death of her family, she has grown distant from her fellow sorcerers.

Horymir: A clever but short-tempered man, Horymir serves as the Coven's Lorekeeper. He presides over the scholars of the Secret, and loves to tell stories as much as he does collecting them. Some of his favorite tales are of him and an old familiar of his that he lost many years ago.

Dalibor: Kind and charismatic, Dalibor acts as the Secret's Rhymer. He personally trains each of the healers in the Coven, and some say there are practices he has yet to teach even his oldest students. Aside from his usual duties, Dalibor particularly enjoys making music, especially with his violin.


"Krev nás váže pevněji než rodina."

"Blood binds us tighter than family."

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