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Cythereans dabble in the arcane mysteries of the soul.

Cythereans are a type of Planetar that were born from shards of the planet Venus infused with energy from the Nexus. Austere mystics that dabble in arts that most other sentient beings prefer to avoid, they are slightly more common than the Solars and the Mercurials but remain a rare sight. 

Cythereans are renowned for their obscure sort of magic; they crystallize and collect the souls and sentience of beings that they defeat. The spherical crystals that contain ones that they have previously collected serve the Cytherean in battle, invoking an apparition of the being they used to be. This power is simply named Soulbinding and formed through a combination of Light and Earth.

Cythereans often take the side of the Secrets even though their methods and motives are often questioned considering that Others possess no souls and are of very little interest to the Cythereans.

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