Dagyda Dolls are also known as Poppets.

A Dagyda Doll is a tool of Black Occultism, often considered the most powerful and dangerous ritual occultism can accomplish. Made from the skin of a newborn and stuffed with the wool of a black lamb, it is a rare and vicious tool that black occultists can use as manipulative weapons over those they seek to control.

A Dagyda requires the presence of more than one black occultist, generally three or more depending on how much of a hold they wish the dagyda to have over those that are afflicted with it. Once the leather has been cut and prepared, it is stuffed with black lamb's wool and sealed with wax dribbled from a black candle made of human fat and blood. At the very heart of the doll, a hair or scrap of skin from the victim is placed before it is is sealed. It is then dipped in red wine and undergoes a chant in the honor of Baphomet that awakens the power within it before it can be used.

A functioning Dagyda forms a bond with its victim known mockingly as "sympathetic magic". Anything afflicted upon the poppet doll is immediately echoed upon the victim. Thus twisting the arm of a dagyda will snap that of the real person it is linked to, stabbing it with a needle will cause bleeding, and dropping it into a pool of water will cause the victim to drown, no matter how much air they are surrounded with. It is not commonly known that a Dagyda can also be used to affect the mental state of a victim, and ideas whispered softly to the doll become urges that the cursed person has to comply to. Dagyda are terrifying rituals because although most black occultism is relatively weak, this ritual affects Sorcerers with just as much ease as humans.