Hecate is a mysterious and terrifying goddess.

The Daughters of Hecate are a powerful secret founded in ancient Greece, around the central figure of the sorcerer-goddess Hecate. An austere deity with a rigorous code of morality, she dictates her disciples in matriarchal principals that state that women are the only gender responsible enough to manipulate the art of magic.

The Daughters will not accept any male members, as they believe that in the past, the irresponsability of men has lead to the downfall of magic. They are extremely critical of male sorcerers, especially hating the Sons of Mars, who represent everything that opposes their philosophy.

Hecate's symbols include the torch and the serpent, and it is through this that the Daughters get their most powerful weapon: Poison. The Sibils (high priestesses) of Hecate are all extremely knowledgeable in the art of poisons and venoms and manipulate them with the same skill as magic, becoming known as Deathweavers for the skill with which they spin their web of toxins.


The Triad of the Daughters are three austere women known as the Fates. They claim to have power over life and death itself, and few people have ever dared to cross them. The Fates are each associated with a stage in life, and therefore permanently at the age they are associated with.

Clotho: The Alchemist of the Daughters, Clotho is a girl that appears to be around age twelve despite her surprising wisdom. She is tatooed with a motif of snakeskin, and her green eyes can deliver an almost fatal glance; her manipulation of poisons is unparralleled. She is known as the Litte Girl, representing the beginning of life.

Lachesis: The Rhymer of her triad, Lachesis is an adult woman, fairly sour and cold even towards her own disciples. She lives rigurously by the faith of Hecate and refuses to compromise the words of her Deity, at any and all costs. She spends most of her days in prayer. She is referred to simply as the Woman.

Atropos: Atropos is the Lorekeeper of the Daughters and an extremely vicious woman. With the body of a crone, she is often mistaken for feeble, but her one remaining eye can channel beams of searing hellfire tinted with poisonous fumes. Known as the Crone, she is the most violent of the Fates and a strong advocator of removing magic from the hands of men forever by killing most of them.