Drider by mateslaurentiu-d6lswok

Deathweavers are the guards of Lilith herself..

Deathweavers are among the most feared of the Others, and seen only very rarely by the representatives of the Secrets. Powerful beyond compare, they are the twisted servants of Lilith, and her personal guards. Each Deathweaver is intricately tied to the willpower of Lilith herself, and they channel the darkest heart of the Abyss.

Deathweavers have the ability to control spiders at will, and as such are often accompanied by a seething horde of arachnids. Their own forms are those of twisted sidhe fused with giant spiders, and it is claimed that they are in fact Sidhe who have been elevated to new power and status by the Other Queen herself.

Despite their size, Deathweavers are surprisingly quick; coated in tough, resistant chitin and dripping venom, they are usually able to manipulate the combined elements of Dark easily, proving to be masters at Magic at the same level as the Fallen.

How to kill them is unknown, but like the fae they are vulnerable to salt and iron, if it pierces the tough coating of their chitin. Stabbing them through the heart with a salted, iron blade is the only chance of destroying them.

It has been claimed that there are only twelve Deathweavers in existence.

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