Deyanira is the rebirth of the True Alliance. After being underground they risen and reconquered Australia and Japan. Worshipers of Ishtara, Mother Fire is our Goddess and we will spread her name throughout the world. Every City, Town, Village in our territory has a Temple of Fire dedicated to her. Each Temple offers her a tribute everyday. Mother Fire has also granted The Alliance's Alchemist, Torquil, the Inferno Sword and protection to our army and lands.


  • Revolution (Details hidden)
  • Gathering the Somber Shards


“Power corrupts everything till it is impossible to know who are the heroes and who the villains.”


Alaran - Lorekeeper

Torquil - Alchemist

Skarletscarab - Rhymer



Shards owned Edit

Fluorescence - 1

Somber - 1

Inferno - 1

Aqua - 1

Zephyr - 1

Flora - 1

Allies Edit

Court of Versailles

Temple of Bastet (Unrevealed)

Secret HallsEdit


A building made entirely from the elements, Fire and darkness. A large flame handprint rests on the door, printed by the triad. The hall itself is made from darkness, conjured by the rhymer. It's protected by a golden glow, made from potions crafted by the alchemist. The area that surrounds it is black, like ink from the lorekeeper.


The Magic, Science and Research hub of The Alliance, surrounded by spinifex and red sand. Monuments of native animals decorate the outside gardens, and every single story of the Dreamtime is recorded in the library of a tower. With over 600 bedrooms, this tower is home to many people and takes care of many sick creatures.