Djinn are living manifestations of storms and tempests

Djinn are the Elementals of Air. Unpredictable and mischievious, they can vary from affectionate, enthusiastic creatures to pitiless vortexes of swirling vapor. A Djinn is made from living smoke and air, which makes them extremely good at modifying their shape and size.

Djinn live in a porcelain and gold city far above the clouds, that mortal eyes have not yet gazed upon. Creative and inspired, the Djinn have a highly artistic cultural background, mainly in the domains of sculpture and music.

Although a Djinn can easily compress themselves into a lamp, and with the right spells can be trapped in one, they sadly do not have the power to grant wishes. The legend of wish-granting arose when the first Djinn gave the people that freed them gifts from their city far above the clouds, objects of such wonderful beauty they were said to be the dearest wish of the receiver.