Earth magic allows the user to create living structures named Golems.

Earth is the element of calm, control, and thoughtful contemplation. Unmoving and resistant, Earth will never break or bend, and it appeals to mages with a strong sense of courage and determination. Earth is a tricky element to manipulate, because the user must have absolute faith in their ability, and unmoving determination in their cause. An Earth Mage won't use magic for nothing, but when they do, they do it with every fiber of their being.

Further Specializations

Earth is one of the four Pure elements, which in combination with the others produce Specialization elements. The variations are infinite, but these are the most common and basic Earth Specializations.

  • Magma: Combined with Fire, it allows the user to manipulate molten rock.
  • Sand: A combination of Earth and Air that creates Sand, which can be manipulated into swirls and storms of sand grains.
  • Clay: Combined with Water, Earth allows the manipulation of thick and heavy clay.
  • Life: Combined with Light, Earth creates the force of Life, the power to heal and breathe plant and animal life into being.
  • Decay: Combined with Dark, Earth becomes the magic of Decay, the ability to weaken and ultimately consume animate and inanimate matter.

Secondary Specializations

There are other, rarer recombinations of the element of Earth that are mastered by fewer sorcerers, requiring additional practice.

  • Crystal: Recombined with Air, it becomes Crystal, the ability to manipulate shimmering shards of quartz or other crystalline materials with a touch.
  • Metal: Recombined with Fire, it becomes Metal, the ability to manipulate solidified or molten masses of any metal, from steel to bronze.
  • Erosion: Recombined with Water, it becomes Erosion, the ability to use thread-thin strands of liquid magic to seep into the flaws and cracks of almost any material and tear it apart, causing the dissolution of almost any solid.
  • Petrification: Recombined with Dark, it becomes Petrification, the power to turn living creatures partially or completely to stone, revert this transformation, and animate statues.
  • Shielding: Recombined with Light, it becomes Shielding, the ability to create solidified spheres of light and hardlight constructions that protect the caster, impenetrable to almost every element.

Elementals, Deity, and Realm

The elementals of Earth are the Fae, and the god of the wild is Atlar. The realm of earth is Petra.