Spiritual energy

An Egregor can be a formidable foe, drawing strength from those that created it.

An Egregor is one of the most complex and powerful rituals achievable through the art of White Occultism. Often believed to be the ultimate ritual of this school of occultism, it is powerful enough to rival with the sorcerers in terms of magical strength, even though the occultism that created it is a much weaker practice.

Egregora are cast by groups of seven or more white occultists, who channel their common intent into a living spell. Using planetary alignment and crystal catalysts, an egregor can be created using a pool of thoughts and beliefs from the sorcerers that created it. The egregor is then capable of its own thoughts and feelings, acting often like a being in and unto itself.

Egregor are rare occurrences, seeing as they require a specific astral alignment to be cast. They can be loosely divided into two categories, a Thoughtform Egregor or a Realized Egregor. The Thoughtform variant is intangible, existing only as a telepathic voice tied to a specific object or place. Seeing as they are easier to cast and the opportunities to do so present themselves more often, they are the most common. A Realized Egregor, on the other hand, has a physical shape of occult energy, in many ways resembling an Incarnate save for the fact that it is physically untouchable. Egregor rely on the lives and thoughts of the occultists that cast them originally, and for each one of them that dies the egregor weakens and becomes less independent and realistic, until it eventually fades.