Elementals are born from the pure magical energy of their element

Elementals are creatures born from the primordial spark of one of the elements of Magic. Although most elementals are considered to be "pure", born from one of the basic elements, hybrid creatures are a possibility. 

There are six species of pure elemental, each born from the essence of one of the six branches of magic. The four primal elements create the Primordial elementals, and the two Theos ones create the Celestial elementals.



Secondary Elementals

  • Lungh, the elementals of Reflection.
  • Dryads, the elementals of Life.
  • Golems, the elementals of Clay.
  • Lamiae, the elementals of Blood.
  • Nagas, the elementals of Sand.
  • Yeti, the elementals of Cold.
  • Kitsunes, the elementals of Steam.

Recombination Elementals

Others and Incarnate

  • The Others are sometimes considered the elementals of the Abyss.

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