Fae are beguiling and expert illusionists

Fae are the Elementals of Earth. Taking many shapes and forms, faeries embody both the beauty and the ugliness of the natural world. Living in ornate and intricate cities carved into age-old trees, they have woven their way into the myths and legends of humanity for centuries.

Fae are a confusing race. Some are elegant and beautiful, like the elves, while others embody the darkest primal instincts of the world, like trolls and ogres. All fairies are shapeshifters, and able to change their physical shape into almost anything they wish.

Fae have a rather interesting set of strengths and weaknesses. Fairy music forces anyone who hears it to dance, sometimes until death from exhaustion, and fairy food will slowly transform those who eat it into changelings, fae-touched humans. Fairy weaknesses are also quite confusing; vulnerable to salt and iron, they are immune to the effects of alcohol, but milk or cream will make them drunk. Fae do not lie, even particularly evil and malicious ones, and they are physically and mentally incapable of it.

There is some speculation that Fae, corrupted by the Abyss, were the origin of the first Sidhe. Fae are also very close to the dryads, who are sometimes mistaken for fae themselves.