Ferrite is sometimes known as the Organic Metal.

Ferrite is a gray-silver material found only in the layer of the Abyss known as The Labyrinth. An organic, living metal, it makes up most of the Labyrinth itself, and the corridors of the hellish living dimension are often tinged with its greyish glint. 

Ferrite is unique in that it is adaptable, fluid, and has a primitve consciousness; a Ferrite weapon can change its shape and function, although it cannot change into something that requires several different materials. All Ferrite is composed of Fomorian-forged iron, and as such it is incredibly effective as a tool against the fae

Another highly prized ability of ferrite weapons is that they allow their user to have some form of control over the dimension of the Labyrinth. While they cannot manipulate the entire dimension, they are often protected from the scheming and aggression of the labyrinth's mind, and can walk its corridors unhindered. Ferrite can also return to the labyrinth at any moment, taking its owner with it, making for a quick escape if necessary.

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