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Fire is an element of surprising beauty and incredible danger

Fire is the Primal force of heat, passion, and fury. One of the Pure Elements, it appeals to mages with a white-hot temper or flickering and unpredictable personalities. Fire is a dangerous element to master, because it channels the raw emotion of the mage into pure primal power. Loss of control is exceedingly likely and when it does happen, usually catastrophic.

Further Specialization

All Pure Elements branch into an infinite array of other powers, by combining volatile elements together, but here are some of the most common specializations for Fire Magic.

  • Heat: When combined with Air, it becomes Sheer Fire, or Heat, the ability to produce and manipulate invisible blasts of searing heat.
  • Steam: Combined with Water, it becomes Steam, the ability to manipulate blasts of scalding water vapor.
  • Magma: Combined with Earth, it allows the user to manipulate molten rock.
  • Flare: Combined with Light, fire becomes Flare, the ability to produce golden-white flames that burn for a seemingly infinite amount of time and damage creatures of darkness.
  • Hellfire: With Dark, Fire becomes Hellfire, a very faint, dark fire that burns surprisingly quickly, eating away at metal and stone as easily as skin and flesh.

Secondary Specialization

There are other, rarer recombinations of the element of Fire that are mastered by fewer sorcerers, requiring additional practice.

  • Metal: Recombined with Earth, it becomes Metal, the ability to manipulate solidified or molten masses of any metal, from steel to bronze.
  • Smoke: Recombined with Air, it becomes Smoke, the ability to manipulate and produce heavy clouds of billowing ash and cinders as well as wafts of smoke.
  • Acid: Recombined with Water, it becomes Acid, the ability to produce blasts of vitriolic, scalding liquid that eat through materials with terrifying efficiency.
  • Holy Fire: Recombined with Light, it becomes Holy Fire, the ability to create orbs of pure white, celestial flame that heal the worthy and burn creatures of darkness.
  • Vice: Recombined with Dark, it becomes Vice, the magical ability to affect the souls of others by afflicting them with the Seven Deadly Sins; Gluttony, Lust, Avarice, Wrath, Pride, Sloth or Jealousy.

Elementals, Deity, and Realm

The elementals of Fire are the Dragons, and the goddess of flames is Ishtara. The realm of fire is Pyris.

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