New Fomorians by DaveAllsop

Fomorians are as cunning as they are cruel. Their glimmering Evil Eye is enough to strike paralyzing fear in the heart of any hero.

Fomorians are a type of Other that embody the cunning of the Abyss. The artisans, smiths, and architects of Lilith's Court. Taking the form of deformed faekind with pustulous flesh and a large, gleaming green eye, they are incredibly vicious beings with a penchant for gratuitous violence.

As repulsive as the Fomorians are, they are obsessed with beauty. Originally a group of elves that succumbed to the promise of power granted by the Dark Queen, they were cursed with incredible ugliness and are constantly trying to recreate or regain the grace and beauty of their their old kin. As a result they have a hatred for all Fae that boils with jealous fury. Their talents in artistry are unparalleled, as everything that a Fomorian creates is a desperate attempt to compensate for the repulsiveness of their form.

Aside from their cruel genius, Fomorians possess another gift granted to them by the Abyssal Queen. One of a Fomorian's eyes is always deformed and huge compared to the other, glowing with a sickly green light. This eye can be used to deliver a painful gaze that paralyzes the target, forcing them to contemplate their worst fear. This is also their greatest weakness; if their Evil Eye is pierced, they die instantly, reverting to the graceful elven forms they once possessed. The Fomorians created the Gargoyles long ago to hunt down and kill the Fae.