Gargoyle color

Gargoyles are incredibly vicious and difficult to destroy.

Gargoyles are a species of Other created by the Abyss specifically to hunt down Fae beings. Incredibly adept flyers, they are common in the upper levels of the Abyss and even in the human world. Specializing in infiltration, Gargoyles are much more cunning than their bestial form suggests... this combined with their talent for flying makes them especially effective against their chosen prey, and their iron claws do the rest.

While their true form is often made of rough grey stone, and takes the shape of a humanoid somewhat reminiscient of a Serpent, Gargoyles can shift into the shape of any statue and instantly solidify. In this form, they can last for hundreds of years as immobile and camouflaged sentinels of the Abyss. Due to their specialization in the hunting of Fae, Gargoyles are adapted to exploit their weaknesses; every gargoyle is covered with a sheen of fine salt, poisonous to faekind, and their claws are made of abyssal-forged iron.

Gargoyles have only one weakness, in that despite their gift for flight they truly are beings of living stone; smashing them is entirely possible, and a gargoyle cannot grow back a lost limb. Shards of gargoyle, especially the claws can sometimes be used to forge weapons specifically designed to harm faekind.

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