Babylon is known as the Cradle of Sorcery

The Gates of Babylon (so named after the World Wonder of the same name), also known as the Blue Gates, are the oldest Secret in existence. Dedicated to the study of the first form of magic, the element of fire, they are a powerful and ancient organization with roots spreading back to the cradle of humanity itself.

Babylon was the place the first sorcerers discovered the connection to the nexus, and so in the heart of this majestic city the link to all magic is stronger. In the council room beneath the Hanging Gardens, a giant crystalline heart pulses with the strongest source of magic in all the world. 

Needless to say, Babylon is both the main target of the Others and the capital of the sorcerers. The Gates of Babylon are not, in fact, the most powerful of all the Secrets; but there is an age-old treaty that orders all of the six original Secrets to defend the City at all costs. Babylon itself is hidden under several thousand layers of spell-shields and wards, cut off entirely from the human world.

The Blue Gates rule over and protect the city and the Cradle of Sorcery within it. Highly segregated with a caste system and honor-bound culture, they are wary of both friends and foes.


The Blue Gates have extremely notable members among their Triad, which is the oldest in the world. Adam, the first man, Eve, the first woman, and Marduk the first sorcerer are as old as the city and probably older. Known simply as the Eden Triad, they are rarely seen, even by members of their own Secret.

-Marduk is the lorekeeper of the Gates. An impressive figure clad in golden jewellery and leopard skin, his khol-lined eyes glow like flecks of crystallized ether. Known as the Mortal God, he is the oldest Sorcerer and the first man to ever master the arts of magic. Legend says that he was the first to tap into the Nexus, and built Babylon with the elemental powers he gained from it.

-Eve is the rhymer of the Eden Triad. Exotic and mysterious, she generally wears a long veil of diaphanous white satin that covers her entire body, leaving only a slit for her golden eyes. Often unnaturally still and calm, she is often mistaken for a goddess due to her unnerving presence. 

-Adam  is the alchemist of the Eden Triad. Like his wife and lover, Eve, Adam is mysteriously distant and calm. He is often clothed in a similar veil to that of his wife, black silk covering everything but the glow of his silver eyes. Like Eve, he calls everyone "child", no matter their age or power.


-"Order Will Rise."


The elite sorcerers of Babylon are the Scribes of Hammurabi.