All Gorgons make their home in their Alabaster Garden, built from the petrified corpses of their victims.

Gorgons are the recombined elementals of Petrification, born from the combination of Earth and Dark. Often humanoid, they possess 'hair' made from a nest of serpents or scaly tentacles, each one of them able to deliver a venemous bite. Gorgons are feared for their more renowned ability, however, because any sentient being that gazes into the eyes of a Gorgon will slowly transform into marble, becoming a perfect statue.

Gorgons are aesthetes and crave beauty and elegance. Their lairs contain treasures beyond compare, works of art, gems and riches, all artfully surrounding the pride of their existence; their Alabaster Garden. Rows upon rows of petrified heroes stand in abject horror, frozen forever in the precise moment during which they crossed the gaze of the monster that chose to collect them. Gorgons rarely petrify the ugly or the deformed, and if they are forced to resort to it they will smash the statue to white powder, angrily. 

Gorgons sometimes play cat-and-mouse with their victims for hours in the silent horror of their Garden, waiting for the moment where the victim is positioned correctly to freeze them into rock. Gorgons can also reanimate a statue with a kiss, either returning it to the human it was before or causing it to move according to their wishes.