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Gryphons live above the clouds, basking in the heat of the sun.

The Gryphon is the elemental of Heat, the combination of Air and Fire. A hybrid creature combining the back legs of a giant lion and the front body of a large eagle, gryphons have a habit of living high above the clouds, on the tops of mountains and tall buildings where they bask in the rays of the sun. 

Gryphon are wild creatures, but a Gryphon can be tamed if it is hatched by its owner, which means that gryphon eggs are extremely valuable. Gryphon make incredibly loyal mounts for a sorcerer, defending their rider with their life if necessary.

A Gryphon can exhale a cloud of blisteringly hot air as a weapon. Although nowhere near as hot as dragonfire, it is more than enough to cook flesh and burn away wood and fabric, heating steel until it glows red-hot.

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