The walls of the Guild's sanctum are lined with solid gold.

The Guild of Venice is an extremely powerful and influential organization. Not because of the strength of their magic, or the rigor of their training... the Guild is just incredibly rich. Formed by a Secret of venetian sorcerers who used water magic to create trade networks in the era of naval commerce, the Guild remain the biggest mercantile power of the sorcery world. 

It is said that in the markets of the Guild, below the halls of their Basilica, one can find everything form phoenix hearts to gryphon eggs. Trading with elementals and sorcerers alike, the Guild often provide materials and weapons to other secrets. The result of this is that although the Merchant-princes of the Guild Triad are not respected for their might, they are absolutely necessary. The connections of the Guild are numerous and complex, and shady deals are far from beneath them.

The system of training and trading among the members of the Guild respects attributes like negotiation, diplomacy, and bartering. Bribes are common and accepted, and currency is law. The monetary system of the sorcery world was invented by the Guild, and the small golden coins used for trade are stamped with their sigil; a goblet overflowing with gems.


The Triad members of the Guild are known as the Merchant-Princes. Rich beyond belief, they own several companies and shares in the mortal world and their influence spreads much further than the walls of Venice. Wherever coin is influence, their word is law.

-Midas is the head of the Princes, and the alchemist of the Guild. Originally a greek sorcerer, he gained power in the Guild for his exceedingly rare ability: anything he touches turns to solid gold. As a result of this he is often clad in golden cloth, and does not leave his quarters or his counting-house.

-Andre Pecunia is a suave italian mage with rare persuasive abilities. A gifted speaker with a silver tongue and a talent for captivating an audience, he is naturally the rhymer of the Guild.

-The Phantom is a mysterious and unsettling figure, the lorekeeper of the Guild and also the least well known. Legend says he was horribly disfigured long ago by paying a terrible price for his magic; a pound of his flesh was cut from him, and the wound will never heal.


"Tutto ha un prezzo"

-Everything has a price.

Elites Edit

The elite sorcerers of Venice are the Inquisitors.