1400x696 13415 Hell 2d horror hell fantasy architecture lava picture image digital art

Hell is a never-ending ruin of destruction and pain.

Hell is the Realm of Dark, the home of the sadistic Demons and the dominion of the god Mephisto. A realm of chaos and shadows, it is punctuated by the screams of the tortured souls trapped in the palaces of bone and obsidian that puncture the unholy ground.

Hell is the place where the souls of mortals who have been corrupted by the darkness and Mephisto are tortured and warped into demons, sometimes at their own request. The demons work as envoys of Mephisto in the Great Game, corrupting human souls to bring them to hell once they have died and become demonic themselves over time, living to serve Mephisto. Hell can be a rewarding place for those who chose the darkness and utterly gave themselves to it, for those with not a scrap of virtue left can indulge in their darkest desires. For the souls who are not completely corrupted, however, every ounce of good is torn from them in agony.

Hell is the closest Realm to the Abyss, and ruptures frequently tear between them, letting the Others pour in vengefully. In these situations the battles are bloody but efficient, demon screamers tearing their way through the invaders.