Hellhound by shewolf294-d4r6xwj

The bite of a Hound is full of Abyssal corruption

Hounds are Others that embody primal aggression and instinct. Resembling large black dogs in appearance, they have the horns of a ram and skinless, flayed faces. Hounds do not plan their attacks alone, working in packs under the command of a more intelligent Other or striking opportunistically from the darkness.

Hounds are instinctive and animalistic. They attack with sharp, rotting teeth or keen claws, using powerful muscles to tear the victim into dismembered limbs. Hounds also possess the ability to breathe a small cloud of noxious and putrescent gas that kills anything living within seconds, rotting flesh and skin into cracked, parchment-like flakes. This ability is known as Putrescence, and is unique to the Hounds.

Hounds are unfortunately quite tough, and exceedingly difficult to kill. Harming their bodies does not seem to register with them, as they feel no pain, and will continue the fight until they are physically incapable of it. Blasts of primal magic, when repeated often enough, can destroy them, as well as concentrated rays of Light. Darkness has very little affect on them.