An Incarnate creating a Nexus-sphere

The Incarnate are sometimes considered the Elementals of the Nexus. Beings of pure magical energy, they are made from a fragment of the very core of the elements. They can easily channel any of the infinite types of Magic.

Beings of sentient energy, Incarnate tend to vary between the elements at their disposal depending on their emotions. An Incarnate can be made of cool, smooth marble one moment and burst into flames the next. Incarnate usually seem partially composed of the element they're channeling, with swirling symbols carved onto their skin.

The Incarnate are said to have guided the first sorcerers in the teachings of magic. They forged the first Nexus-spheres, the orbs that sorcerers use to channel power into new members of a Secret. Unfortunately, although they are incredibly powerful in a fight against the Others, Incarnate are a rare occurrence and most sorcerers will never see one in their lifetime.