Ishtara is the majestic sentience of fire.

"I am the crackle of the flames. I am the warmth of the coals. I am the glitter of the candle, the rage of the pyre, the glow of the embers. I am Fire."

Goddess of FireEdit

Ishtara is the Deity of Fire. Majestic and seductive, nurturing and bright, Ishtara can be a maternal warmth one moment and scalding rage the next.

A being of passion and anger, the raw power of flames courses through her at every second. As a goddess, she can easily shift her shape to whatever she chooses, but always shows flickering flames and exudes an aura of powerful heat. Her irises are molten and swirling, twin sparks of pure, unadulterated flame that can burn through anything in an instant.

Ishtara is sometimes called the Dragon Queen, although she usually chooses to rule over her subjects in the shape of a huge phoenix . Myth and legend says that a kiss from Ishtara will turn any mortal into a dragon.