Jovians are most notable for their power over storms.

Jovians are a type of Planetar formed from the swirling gasses of Jupiter and given sentience and power by the energy of the Nexus. Often irate and easily provoked, the Jovians are noted mainly for their unique ability combining Fire and Air; the manipulation of Storms. There is a notable difference between the natural storms of Earth and those of the Jovian, however, because the clouds summoned by this form of Planetar are always a rusty-red in color.

Rarely do Jovians leave the chaotic surface of their homeworld, but on occasion they have been known to take arms in the defence of the sorcerers and aid them in their fight against the Abyss. An ally of their kind can be as much of a blessing as it is a curse, however; Jovians have very little regard for human life and will often indescriminately tear through the battle, wreathed in blood-red clouds and thunderous booms, destroying ally and foe alike in bursts of barely contained fury. Even when they choose to remain calm they cannot completely banish their power; the presence of a Jovian is often accompanied by high winds and russet-red clouds in the sky above.

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