Judges are a selection of vice, virtue, and emotion Sorcerers, defected angelic Elementals such as Archangels and even moreso Archdevils, with the addition of Mesmeri and unsparked humans well versed in all manner of social sciences, most prominently psychology. All of which are under the employment of KOSMOS . Their main objectives are judgement and manipulation, which leads them to spend their days spying on people, and working with an assortment of WeatherMen, to reach their objectives. Many high ranking Judges hold office in both the police force and the judicial system. 

Typical clothing for a Judge clothing consists of basic light armour, and a Synthesis glove for those without the ability to use magic. Other equipment includes a portable biometric scanner, as well as a notebook in order to record their findings.

Judges are most often put out on surveillance tasks, and will infiltrate various gatherings with ease, including Secrets and even covens. Most groups supported by KOSMOS or that have a connection within them will have a few Judges in service there in order to keep the alliance in check. 

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