Blood magic ooor so i started drawing a head by nebezial-d68ad7c

Lamia have two shapes, a serpentine monster and a beautiful human.

Lamia are the terrifying and manipulative elementals of Blood. Born from the corrupt combination of Dark and Water, they are seductive beings with a taste for suffering. Lamia take the form of beautiful women or men, with pale skin, dark red hair and scarlet eyes. They often dress in tones of red or black, and in many ways their society is similar to that of the humans or sorcerers. With one key difference, however; the Lamia are shapeshifters, and also possess a monstrous shape resembling a giant serpent.

The serpent form of a Lamia is called a Basilisk, and though it is probably scarier, the serpent form is actually less dangerous than the humanoid one. Lamia in their human form can pull the blood from any victim, shaping it, warping it, and manipulating it in any way they choose. They can burst a person's heart on a whim, or suck the blood from them in an instant.

Lamia make fickle allies, but powerful ones. It is said that a man or woman who succeeds in seducing a lamia and making them fall in love will gain absolute power over them, but a Lamia isn't easy to seduce and, love is much less of a concern for them than lust or violence.