The Strider upon which he is often to be seen during battle.

The Lifeling is a creation of Lilith, and the only known Other to be tied to the magic of Life rather than Death. Made as a gift for the Revelers of Rot out of the corpse of one of their generals, very little about him retains the humanity he had before the fall into the Abyss. Unlike every other creature tainted by Lilith's touch, he is imbued with a reverential respect for the sanctity of life, as well as the power to preserve and restore it.

Formed from vital energies sucked from the Nexus over decades of warring between the Others and the Secrets, his very nature is anathema to most of his kind and even his Queen, but he serves oth nonetheless at the side of The Star of Flesh Ascended. Among the Revelers, he is seen as a sign of Lilith's continued support and strength, a gift from their Dark Mother. And while he will not kill, he has proven incredibly instrumental to the Revelers in the midst of battle, with a healing power rivalling that of Atlar himself. In his presence, the Revelers would not have time to hit the floor before their wounds were healed and their bodies restored.

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