Black Dressed Woman in the Rain

Lilith is sometimes called the Other Queen

"I am the end of all things. I am the touch of entropy. I am the caress of destruction, the queen of emptiness, the inevitable end. I am the Abyss."

Lilith is the sentient heart of the Abyss, the most manipulative and cunning form that the darkness can take. Usually manifesting as a breath-takingly beautiful Sidhe, Lilith is the Other Queen and the most powerful sentient being in existence. She rarely shows this, however, almost never using her full potential.

She is very aware of her status and power, and has a certain amount of pride, but Lilith is also terribly cruel. Manipulative and charismatic, the queen of darkness is not above making herself seem weaker than she really is or faking a sudden change of heart. Like a great black cat in a world of mice, she's exultant in her own power and has no notion of guilt, morality, or consequence.


Lilith is utterly impervious to Magic, and the entire Nexus has already been channeled against her, to no avail. There is much speculation why Lilith doesn't fight her battles herself, considering that she would easily have the power to crush existence in the palm of her pale hand, but no conclusive assumptions have been made.

Fallen SecretEdit

Lilith was responsible for the destruction of the last generation of the Court of Versailles  secret, when she seduced the Alchemist Nathaniel into betraying his kind. He remains totally devoted to her, in a peverse and corrupt form of love. Both of them are equally arrogant and self-centered, but The Defiled has been seen to take great risks to protect her. Whether this is out of devotion or simply a peversion of his free will by the Other Queen remains unknown.