The Lucen are the closest equivalent to Angels in the Moon, but they have very little drive towards order and civilization.

The Lucen are beings that live under the surface of the Moon, an ancient and proud civilization constantly at odds with the Nocten, their sworn enemies. Elf-like beings with a savage disposition and animalistic customs, they are in fact the closest thing the Moon has to Angels and the paragons of Lunar Light.

They are adept at the use of Spiritism and each of them possess their own spirit animal in tangible form. Lucen are often capable of manipulating a form of Light magic, with a marked difference to their variation of it. The light of Apollion may be blinding and golden, but Phosphoris has a much more pragmatic gleam. Lunar Light is a silvery-grey color, and also less powerful in terms of direct destruction, but it is not to be underestimated. Lunar Magic is intrinsically linked to Occultism, and its users are often better at manipulating and twisting their way out of conflict.

Lucen society is perhaps more neutral than purely good. Inside the hollow crust of the moon, Lunar forests thrust inwards towards the spark of El that floats in its core, allowing the growth of strange plants and animals in the same way that the Earth is vitalized by the Sun. This is their domain, the Silver Wilderness, and it grows larger as they battle the Nocten and claim more territory for their God of the Full Moon. However, once their strength has outreached itself, it falls back again; their power wanes and the Nocten claim more of the surface of the moon for their Shadow Mechanics. This cycle has lasted since the dawn of time, and presumably always will.

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