Dimwitted Manticore by ekoputeh

Manticores are terrifyingly brutal.

Manticores are the elementals of decay, rot, and putrefaction. They are spawned by the combination of Earth and Dark, and they represent the decomposition of life and flesh. 

Manticores are fearsome not only for their claws and fangs, but mainly for the venom secreted by every inch of their skin. A touch from a Manticore, even one as light as a caress, causes flesh to rot and skin to dry and crack, creating infected wounds that seep foul venomous pus.

For this reason, Manticore are often avoided at all costs, and only ever rarely trained. Manticore venom can be harvested, and used to cause a particularly gruesome death. Fortunately, although deadly, Manticores are incredibly stupid. They often behave with little more coordination than a savage canine.