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Mercurials are composed, calculating beings.

Mercurials are a type of Planetar, similar to the Astrals in that they embody an aspect of the heavens. The Mercurials are formed from shards of the planet Mercury infused with magical energy and consciousness by the Nexus. Observers more than direct fighters, the Mercurials are still particularly adept at battling the scourges of the Abyss when necessary.

Mercurials are a rare kind of Planetar and tend towards reclusive observation and learning. Often, in the rare occasions a living Mercurial visits Earth, they are travelling to the Glass Library in Atalan to barter in information or add to their collection.

Mercurials have an affinity with Light and Water that they combine to create the unique element of Kinesis; the ability to absorb the force of kinetic energy and to release it in the form of Kinetic Ripples. While they are immortal and particularly resistant, Mercurials are still beings of flesh and blood, however; like any Cosmic they can be killed with surprising ease in some circumstances.

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