The Minotaurs are beings twisted both soul and mind by the labyrinth.

The Minotaurs are a type of Other native to the maddening halls of The Labyrinth. Bestial monsters that have been warped far more than the Denizens by the perversion around them, the Minotaurs hunt relentlessly for the flesh of those that step into their ruined kingdom.

Rumors whisper that they became what they are now by finding the heart of the Labyrinth and encountering the Creature, the legendary being that lives deep within. The Minotaurs claim that the Labyrinth and the Creature share a mind, but not a body; they refer to the Labyrinth as Her, or the Mad Lady. 

Armed with the steel around them, the Minotaurs have the ability to control the very matter of the labyrinth to a certain extent; the roar of a Minotaur can cause a smooth surface of metal to burst into sharpened blades, and a stomp of their fissured hooves can send rippling shockwaves of force through the corridors of the labyrinth.

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