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Nephilim often carry links to their angelic heritage.

The Nephilim are the offspring of Angels and humans or Sorcerers, and a particularly powerful race of semi-celestial beings. Usually taller than their human counterparts, Nephilim have unusually colored skin, ranging from dark blue to light purple at times. Their eyes are twin spheres of opalescent white, and they usually wear golden armor or amber colored silks that resemble the apparel of angels.

Most Nephilim are devout and incredibly faithful towards Apollion, hunting demons and especially succubae with fervour and determination. They are surprisingly enduring beings, and although they do not have the wings of their angelic parents, they can create wings of energy for a short amount of time.

Nephilim can be quite cold, detached, and thoughtful, which means they rarely take lovers or even friends. Beings of purpose and calculation, they are driven by faith and determination until their final breath.


Nephilim have higher resistance and speed than human beings, moving with surprising grace for their size. They are able to manipulate blasts of ethereal energy, especially Light, from their eyes. Nephilim also have extremely quick regeneration, and any wound will seal itself surprisingly fast unless it is instantly fatal.