Neptulos dwells in oceans forgotten by the world

"I am the crashing of the waves. I am the salt of the sea. I am the touch of the rain, the flow of the rivers, the currents of the ocean. I am Water."

God of Water

Neptulos is the Deity of Water. As old as the primordial seas, he is considered to be the wisest of the Deities, and as such often takes the form of an old man. Neptulos is the king of the Merpeople, and presides over them in their capital city, carved from obsidian.

Neptulos is perhaps the least active of all the Deities in the affairs of the world, preferring to watch calmly from a distance rather than get involved in the affairs of mortality. He is quite active in the war against the Others, however, sending merpeople to aid sorcerers in battle and on occasion manifesting himself entirely in all his power and glory.