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The Nexus is the beating heart of all magic.

The Nexus is at the heart of the Earth, and the very core of all magical energy. Sorcerers manipulate magic channeled from the Nexus, and all Others hunger for the magic it contains. Their goal and purpose is to reach the Nexus and extinguish it, tearing the Earth apart to do so.

Channeling the NexusEdit

It is theoretically possible for a sorcerer to channel fragments of it into their magic, or even channel the entire Nexus, but the strength of this would tear them apart. The person doing so would become god-like in power, with just enough time to use their newfound divinity before they are torn apart by the strength of it, every atom split into pure magical energy.

The only instance of this feat was the Rhymer of the Court of Versailles sacrificing himself to destroy hundreds of Others.

El Edit

When the world was formed by the elements long ago, the Nexus was a conscious, living being known as El. Formed from the essence of all six Deities, El was the spark of pure creation. Myth has it that Abyss is his twin. When El created the world, his first act was to shield it from her, to guard what he saw as his. Spurned and angered, the Abyss struck him, shattering his essence into the six elemental Gods and Goddesses. Although it is possible for them to reform, they refuse to do so because of the conflict between them.